Case Study

72MVA at 132KV with a 7km 132kV cable route connected to UKPN network

Scope – Project manage, install, build and commission

The data centre site consists of a 72 MW feed via a 7.2km duel cct cable route fed from UKPN.

We had been appointed to act as on-site project manager for the build with the management of procurement, installation of the below descriptive works and commissioning, all of which had been complete within our remit of the scope.

The project was completed on time and to the satisfaction of all duty holders including the local DNO.

Description and overview of works – Installation, build and commissioning

  • Earthing
  • Protection panel installation
  • HV cable jointing and terminations (specialist manufacture terminations included)
  • Multicore & telecontrol cable installation termination & testing
  • Plant and equipment installations (Grid TX’s, AUX TX’s, NER’s, GIS switchgear, AIS switchgear, protection panels, LVAC panel and battery chargers
  • SCADA panel installation and testing
  • Installation of active harmonic filters including the civils and enabling works, with the integration with existing systems
  • Problem solving, protection design reviews and settings configurations/ implementations
  • Final onsite testing and commissioning of plant and protection schemes with final completion to energisation